BU scenes in the movie 21. Funny.

March 29, 2008

I just saw the movie 21 at the Fenway theater. It’s pretty good. But the coolest part, I must say, were all the crazy Boston scenes throughout the film. Especially if you’re a Boston University student. No one else in the world will realize how BU is an impostor MIT throughout the entire movie. Funny stuff.

Scenes from BU:

1) Opening scene is the lovely Charles. You can see Warren Towers, etc.
2) The main character, Ben, has his math class in Photonics.
3) He studies in the Mugar basement.
4) The 21 team practices in a classroom on the first floor of CAS near the offices.
5) He plays basketball in the Fitrec’s big gymnasium below the indoor track.
6) They hang out in the CAS foyer in front of Tsai auditorium.
7) He lives in Towers in a single. Not fair.
8) He attends an awards ceremony in the fancy SMG auditorium.

9) Fancy alumni event is at BU Castle

Any that I missed? I didn’t go to MIT, so I didn’t recognize those scenes as well. The only segments filmed there were the outside of buildings anyhow. However, he does ride his bike over the Mass. Ave. Bridge and he takes the red line a lot.

Pretty cool. I suggest you check it out.