Romeo and Juliet are actually in love! And alive!

February 12, 2008

Woo! Valentine’s Day this Thursday, huh? Pretty exciting. Plenty to do with your lovely boyfriend or girlfriend. Or husband. Or wife. Or fiancé. Or… by yourself.

If I could do anything this upcoming Thursday, I’d go to Boston Ballet’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Yes, I’m serious. Not only is this the chance to look cool and sophisticated, because that’s exactly what ballet-goers are–but because this performance will be the epitome of authentic romantical expression. The dancers are actually in love!

Yes. It’s true. According to the Boston Globe article by Susan Chaityn Lebovits, there are four lovey-dovey dancer pairs in this production. Eight people are married to each other! Imagine… traveling around, dancing with your spouse? Now is that too cute, or what.

I will admit, I’ve wanted to go to this show for a while even before reading this article, and it’s probably because I’m forced to stare at the company’s beautiful ad at the government center T stop every time I go to work. Such bone structure! But have you ever noticed the female dancer’s pinky? Very non dancer-like. Shouldn’t it be less bent and more graceful?

 Boston Ballet Romeo and Juliet Ad

Ok, ok. Maybe I’m being too nitpicky. But it’s only because I’m jealous. I can’t dance, AND there is no one I can go with to the show. Such is the nature of a stag Valentine’s Day? Well, at least I can find solace in  R&J’s tragic ending. I guess life sucks for them, too.


Ok, sorry. Happy almost Valentine’s Day.


Boston’s “Status Quo” competes on MTV show

February 10, 2008

As an avid dance enthusiast–or at least an avid observer. My step ball changes are somewhat lethal–I pretty much become glued to any TV show that lets “average people” show off their skills, win the hearts of the public, win the competition and live happy ever after. Aww. Well, my new obsession is MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. And we have a local group competing!


They’re called Status Quo, with members from Boston and Dorchester. The show premiered on Feb 7th (after hosting a series of auditions, where judges traveled to different parts of the country to find the groups to compete in the show.) Status Quo is one of the more acrobatic groups with a ton of personality, so represent your boys!

And check out their performance on Feb 7th if you missed it. The jump? Um, hi. Are you human?

Edit: YouTube took off the last video. :(

This is from week 2. If they take this one off too, I PROMISE to put up week 3. Yes. I am that dedicated.


This is NOT the first TV appearance for some of these guys. E-Knock and Jamal of the group also auditioned on Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance. I was also obsessed with this show when it aired this summer, but I had no idea that these two guys were from Boston when I saw them.

After Status Quo’s segment on MTV, I instantly recognized Jamal as the guy from SYTYCD with the funniest audition EVER. Seriously. And…Jamal is also is a Berklee student and a dance teacher!

Dear Jamal,
Will you teach me to dance? I want to be you.

Anyhow, check out Jamal’s hilarious audition. It starts with E-Knock’s crazy-jumps-of-doom and then goes to Jamal’s turn. Keep watching. At about 3 minutes is the funny stuff. I love it.