BU scenes in the movie 21. Funny.

I just saw the movie 21 at the Fenway theater. It’s pretty good. But the coolest part, I must say, were all the crazy Boston scenes throughout the film. Especially if you’re a Boston University student. No one else in the world will realize how BU is an impostor MIT throughout the entire movie. Funny stuff.

Scenes from BU:

1) Opening scene is the lovely Charles. You can see Warren Towers, etc.
2) The main character, Ben, has his math class in Photonics.
3) He studies in the Mugar basement.
4) The 21 team practices in a classroom on the first floor of CAS near the offices.
5) He plays basketball in the Fitrec’s big gymnasium below the indoor track.
6) They hang out in the CAS foyer in front of Tsai auditorium.
7) He lives in Towers in a single. Not fair.
8) He attends an awards ceremony in the fancy SMG auditorium.

9) Fancy alumni event is at BU Castle

Any that I missed? I didn’t go to MIT, so I didn’t recognize those scenes as well. The only segments filmed there were the outside of buildings anyhow. However, he does ride his bike over the Mass. Ave. Bridge and he takes the red line a lot.

Pretty cool. I suggest you check it out.


10 Responses to BU scenes in the movie 21. Funny.

  1. C D says:

    I thought the classroom was in SMG (Not photonics) they must look the same

  2. lindsaydoll says:

    it’s funny that he lives in a single in towers since those don’t actually exist. but it doesn’t matter because it’s probably an awesome movie — CANNOT WAIT to see it.

  3. Rebecca Corliss says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s Photonics on the second floor. When the guys win the competition, they’re definitely in SMG though.

  4. Ross says:

    I thought the classroom scenes with Spacey were in a CAS classroom. also i think the alumni event at the end is in the castle. overall a much better movie than i expected based on the commercials. and obviously extra enjoyable as a BU student seeing it in boston with lots of other students from BU and MIT who recognize the locations like it was a friends movie shot in local places.

  5. Rebecca Corliss says:

    You’re right. The alumni event was at the castle. Good call, I missed that one. However, I’m sticking to my guns that the math class is in Photonics. Have you ever been in there? It’s too fancy to be CAS.

  6. I didn’t know the interior scenes were filmed at BU, so for the first half I kept saying “do the same people design all colleges?” Haha, my bad. I believe the math class was filmed in a room on the 3rd floor of CAS, we used to have chapter in that room and in the first classroom scene I remarked how much I hated those chairs.

    When I finally realized it actually was BU, I definitely made it known to those in my vicinity. Sorry!

  7. C D says:

    I have a feeling there’s a lot of rooms that must look the same at BU, b/c the math classroom was definitely the same as a standard classroom in SMG (and photonics was built about the same time I believer) – I wouldn’t be surprised if CAS had similar rooms if some had been renovated. Regardless it was pretty funny to be like, that’s so BU while watching it

  8. Rebecca Corliss says:

    Very true. It would be neat to take an image of the classroom in the movie and compare it to photos of each of the other classrooms. Perhaps some detective work is in my future.

  9. Alessandra says:

    I knew you were going to write about this! ;)

  10. CDK says:

    I was assigned to a “single” in the Towers back in 1983 and promptly called my parents and told them I wasn’t living there when I saw it. It was really a utility room or something they had tried to make into a room: it had a door that led out into a public space that could not be locked (they had furniture up against it) and the only window in the room opened out into an elevator shaft or something (was an interior space in the building and when you looked down, it was full of garabge!). For what my parents were paying for me to be there, that so called “single” was shameful. I attended the first two weeks of school out of the Ho-Jo’s down the street and then finally found an apt in the Somerset (before they went condo) then had to move to another apt out in Brookline when the Somerset went condo.

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