21 movie boston sneak preview info!

A little birdy told me that Sony Pictures (or perhaps their promotion team?) is giving out free tickets to see a  “sneak preview” screening of the movie 21 to those groups who helped accommodate the company during its filming in Boston.

The screening will happen tomorrow at noon at the Regal Fenway. Keep your eyes pealed for tickets. This would be a cool thing to go to. Only annoying thing is that it takes place right smack in the middle of the day.

Photo Credit: Lauren Herberg/Daily Free Press

Here is Kevin Spacey on Boston’s very own Bay State Road. Hi, Kevin!

Don’t feel bad if you can’t make your way into the show. The film’s release date is Marsh 28, and there will be an official premier a week or so before that. That’s probably when I’ll be going. Woot.


One Response to 21 movie boston sneak preview info!

  1. Ross says:

    i remember this picture from the Freep. this is prob before the BU castle scene at the alumni event at the end of the movie. on a side note, is Spacey wearing uggs?

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