21 movie boston sneak preview info!

February 27, 2008

A little birdy told me that Sony Pictures (or perhaps their promotion team?) is giving out free tickets to see a  “sneak preview” screening of the movie 21 to those groups who helped accommodate the company during its filming in Boston.

The screening will happen tomorrow at noon at the Regal Fenway. Keep your eyes pealed for tickets. This would be a cool thing to go to. Only annoying thing is that it takes place right smack in the middle of the day.

Photo Credit: Lauren Herberg/Daily Free Press

Here is Kevin Spacey on Boston’s very own Bay State Road. Hi, Kevin!

Don’t feel bad if you can’t make your way into the show. The film’s release date is Marsh 28, and there will be an official premier a week or so before that. That’s probably when I’ll be going. Woot.


Ella Ella. Aay Aay Aay. Under my..?

February 26, 2008

As we speak, it’s getting a bit drizzly and gross. And according to AccuWeather… it’s probably going to snow. That’s fabulous. All we need is more snow after last Friday’s blizzard-like conditions. (Totally ruined my night out.)

So, in honor of our incoming storm, I wanted to give you a bit of a tip in case it does start getting snowy. You know, so you’ll be ready.


Don’t use an umbrella . It’s not OK. Really.

First, because it’s lame. You either look like a really, really big wuss or a tourist from San Diego. All you need to do is rock the fuzzy hood, and you’re fine! Your Northface coat was designed to keep you dry. I mean, if you’re a nice old lady or you’re wearing a $900+ suit, I guess you can bring an umbrella. But aside from that, come on.

I mean, skiers are in the snow all the time. What if you saw a skier holding an umbrella while going down the slope? You’d laugh and think they were silly, right?

So next time there’s a snow storm–no matter how scary it might be–don’t bring your umbrella. I’m just trying to help. Please.

Umbrellas are for rain. Not snow.

The T is a snob. Too cool for the Big Dig.

February 20, 2008

I don’t know if I like that the T is getting so fancy. The blue line released brand new cars with “intelligible, automated station announcements. A smoother ride with maximum air conditioning,” says Peter J. Howe of the Boston Globe. Sounds like an infomercial to me.

(Photo Credit: John Tlumacki/Globe Staff)

When it gets to be 105 degrees, maximum air conditioning (which is what… a freezer?) might be nice. But I do like the classic conductor announcements. Is automated really more important than maintaining our HERITAGE?

I have yet to *hear* the blue line. But when the green line got it’s automated voice, I thought it sounded awfully funny. And then when “Hynes Convention Center/ICA” lost it’s “ICA,” Mr. Autovoice always sounded so confused.

“Hynes Convention….Center?”

Anyways. Nice work, MBTA. Now all you need to do is reopen the Arlington station so it’s normal again. Next month, right?

P.Diddy Needs You! Or me?

February 15, 2008

I have found my calling. All my hard work has led me to this defining moment. I know what I want in life.

I am going to audition to be Sean P. Diddy Combs’ personal slave.

Boston Globe

According to the Boston Globe, he’s having “try outs” this Saturday at Rain in Malden, MA. At 11am!

I can only imagine what this is going to be like. Who can party the hardest with Diddy at 11am?! WOOOOOOOO!

I hope he turns this into some sort of TV thing, and then pretends it was actually taped until six in da mornin’.

Anyyyyhow. I think I might pass on this incredible opportunity. But I WILL tell you that I absolutely would audition to be Jamal’s personal assistant. The dancer dude from Status Quo? I will bring him water and try to learn his mad awesome moves from the sidelines.


He accepted my friend request on Facebook! That means we’re at least half way to true friendship.

Anti-Love Activity Book

February 14, 2008

For all you independent, single people who don’t have romantic plans tomorrow (or today?), I made you a list of things you can do this weekend to erase Valentine’s Day from your mind. Forget it ever happened! There is nothing romantic about this list.

Friday: The National Golf Expo
Seaport World Trade Center
12:00pm to 8:00pm

The Expo will be all-new with more golf-related exhibits, displays, interactive features, and instructional seminars. Manufacturers are present with their latest offerings that you can test on the area’s largest indoor driving range. Retailers offer great deals on merchandise and many exhibitors feature innovative wares that you may not traditionally find in your local pro shop. Plus, there are travel destinations, golf resorts and courses to help you plan your season.

Saturday: Native Ferns, Moss & Grasses: Author’s Talk at the Harvard Museum of Natural History
Harvard Museum of Natural History

Award-winning author Bill Cullina will discuss his new illustrated book that unveils the ecology of these remarkable plants that no garden should be without.

Sunday: 33rd Annual Boston Science Fiction Film Festival
Somerville Theater
12:00pm -12:00pm (Monday)

festival is screening 2001, Boy and His Dog, Journey to the 7th Planet, 1984, The Last Mimzy, Ever Since the World Ended, Sound of Thunder and In the Shadow of the Moon. Dekker Dreyer is one of the event hosts.

You’re Welcome! <3

Acorns for sale. What’s up Greenpeace?

February 13, 2008

Today the Greenpeace folks were spread out all on Comm. Ave on BU’s campus. I haven’t seen them in a while. Perhaps they took a break?

I do not understand one bit why this organization thinks putting workers on the street (not… literally) and making them ask every single person that walks by “Hi! Do you have a second for the environment?” is going to help its cause. Today, I walked by a Greenpeace girl who was so frustrated, she threw her arms to the sky and yelled, “Doesn’t anybody care!”

Now see, I do care. Really. I recycle printer paper. I walk everywhere or take public transportation. I do all that stuff. But I am not going to stop for you. I don’t know enough about your organization to let you interrupt where I’m going. And I for sure don’t know enough about your organization to give you money.

To be honest, I have never stopped long enough to hear what they actually would want from me, but I am assuming it is a donation. (If anyone has any insight to this… I would love to know.) And if it’s not money that they want, they should somehow be more clear in the first words they say. Maybe they could say, “Do you have a second to plant this acorn for the environment?” That would be so cool. I would totally do that.


But, they don’t do that.

So. Because I am not anti-Greenpeace by any means (I hardly know enough about those guys to dislike them fundamentally)… I am going to give you free advice. Ready?

Dear Greenpeace,

1) The ask-everyone approach does not work. If you have data to prove me wrong, prove me wrong. But I am going to assume that 99 percent of the people who you try to flag down are not going to help you. And .5 percent of the people who do stop, only stop because they feel obligated or they don’t know what’s going on. Or you tricked them. You tricked them good.

2) Find someone who cares. Really. Who actually cares? The National Tree Hugger’s Association of Boston might love it if you bust in on one of its meetings. I’m not sure if said association exists, but you know. Someone like that.

3) Find a more proactive way to get information about your organization out there. Green jackets and binders are not enough. Yes, you have a dandy Web site. But how are you going to make me visit it? What other avenues could you use to spread the word. Free brochures in coffee shops? Rent a booth at the next environment-lover trade fair?

Regardless, I seriously think you should check out the free acorns route.

Good luck,


Romeo and Juliet are actually in love! And alive!

February 12, 2008

Woo! Valentine’s Day this Thursday, huh? Pretty exciting. Plenty to do with your lovely boyfriend or girlfriend. Or husband. Or wife. Or fiancé. Or… by yourself.

If I could do anything this upcoming Thursday, I’d go to Boston Ballet’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Yes, I’m serious. Not only is this the chance to look cool and sophisticated, because that’s exactly what ballet-goers are–but because this performance will be the epitome of authentic romantical expression. The dancers are actually in love!

Yes. It’s true. According to the Boston Globe article by Susan Chaityn Lebovits, there are four lovey-dovey dancer pairs in this production. Eight people are married to each other! Imagine… traveling around, dancing with your spouse? Now is that too cute, or what.

I will admit, I’ve wanted to go to this show for a while even before reading this article, and it’s probably because I’m forced to stare at the company’s beautiful ad at the government center T stop every time I go to work. Such bone structure! But have you ever noticed the female dancer’s pinky? Very non dancer-like. Shouldn’t it be less bent and more graceful?

 Boston Ballet Romeo and Juliet Ad

Ok, ok. Maybe I’m being too nitpicky. But it’s only because I’m jealous. I can’t dance, AND there is no one I can go with to the show. Such is the nature of a stag Valentine’s Day? Well, at least I can find solace in  R&J’s tragic ending. I guess life sucks for them, too.


Ok, sorry. Happy almost Valentine’s Day.